BBQ Food Ideas

When you are planning a backyard event the first thought usually focuses on BBQ Food Ideas.  Mainly because the main event that happens in the backyard is BBQ. One thing for sure is you want to make some delicious BBQ menu ideas that are easy to prepare and you can spend time with your guests as well.  One way to do this is to start early and have an item like pork ribs ready to the point that all you have to do you do is the final touches while your guests are there.


Naturally when you come to BBQ Food Ideas pulled pork must be considered but that dish can take many hours and unless you are willing to get up at 4 a.m. to cook then you might want to eliminate that from the BBQ menu unless your guests are coming over very late in the day. Brisket has the same profile of a long cook so pork ribs slowly smoked is your best choice unless you decide to grill.

So for BBQ pork ribs the process is the ribs need to be trimmed then get some rub on them, store bought or your own. Many BBQ pit masters prefer to let the rub stand on the ribs overnight while there is another group who prefer to put the rub on and let them sit while they are starting the fire.  It is personal preference and the choice is yours.

Once you have chosen your BBQ menu from your BBQ food ideas it is time to do the shopping for the groceries.  The shopping list will include the main item, such as the pork ribs which can be St. Louis style or baby back. Then items for the side dishes that came about from your BBQ side dish ideas.  Some of the sides you might consider who be BBQ baked beans and either a coleslaw or a potato salad.  Keep in mind that the coleslaw and the potato salad will need to be chilled through food service.

Of course you could use vegetables such as corn or asparagus that you could grill while your meat is smoking but then it would take more time away from your friends and family.  When you are formulating your BBQ Food ideas consider if you want to do a sweet tasting protein or side dish or if you would prefer a savory flavor and make your meat sweet.  A balance of flavors that complement each other makes for an excellent BBQ.

Naturally no meal is complete without dessert.  A dessert in this case needs to be based on your BBQ food ideas which means something that can be prepared before time and something rustic might just be the best choice.  For instance an apple cobbler or a cherry pie.  You could serve this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  You could get bold with the apple cobbler or even a peach cobbler by using cinnamon ice cream instead.


Whatever your BBQ food ideas are keep in mind you are trying to please all your guests.  Whether your guests are friends or family how well you know their tastes will determine how successful you will be.  Remember too that the time you spend with your guests is as important as what you serve and if you do your planning right they will be talking about this event for a very long time.  Mainly when you are preparing for your backyard event BBQ food ideas will play a large part in the planning.

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